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Kienle / Kiene / Albonico

Anthroposophic Medicine

Effectiveness, utility, costs, safety

First unchanged reprint 2008. 360 pages, 54 figs., 82 tab., cbd.

Gunver Sophia Kienle / Helmut Kiene / Hans-Ulrich Albonico

  • Anthroposophic medicine is one of the distinct and important complementary medicine systems, extending conventional medicine by applying the cognitive methods and cognitive results of anthroposophy. Provided world-wide, particularly in Germany and Switzerland, anthroposophic medicine is practiced in specialized hospitals or medical centres, or is integrated in conventional medical facilities. It is being applied to treat a wide variety of diseases. Several elements of anthroposophic medicine have already been integrated into conventional medicine (e.g. art therapy, special nursing techniques, and medications such as mistletoe therapy in cancer). Anthroposophic medicine has fostered decisive initiatives towards a more pluralistic approach in healthcare.

    This book is based on the recent Health Technology Assessment report on anthroposophic medicine. It contains the first comprehensive presentation and systematic appraisal of the entire empirical literature on effectiveness, costs, utility, and safety. 195 clinical studies have been assessed and evaluated, 53 studies are described in detail. The book also outlines the conception and practice of anthroposophic medicine as well as its basic research. Finally, an in-depth discussion examines and elucidates the particularities of complementary medicine system evaluations.

    - Comprehensive coverage of scientific evidence for the effectiveness, benefits, cost-effectiveness, and safety of anthroposophic medicine
    - An example of a systematic evaluation of a broad, multifaceted therapeutic system
    - Extensive range of studies

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    Hans-Ulrich Albonico

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