Manuscript submission

In order to be considered for VCOT, all manuscripts (including Letters to the Editor) must be submitted online via our ScholarOne Manuscripts website at:
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Full instructions and support are available on the manuscript submission site. For first time users, a user ID and password can be obtained on the first visit.

Please carefully check the pdf proof that will be generated by the submission website before completing the online submission. Special attention should be given to Greek letters or other special characters. The pdf version is also the version that will be seen by the Editor-in-Chief and all reviewers.

All manuscript submissions will be processed online, including the review process. Decisions and correspondence with the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Office will be communicated via E-mail in most instances.

If you have forgotten your user ID or password, or are not sure if an account in your name already exists, please contact the VCOT Editorial Office rather than creating a new account. If you suspect that you may have multiple accounts in the system, please inform the VCOT Editorial Office as we can merge accounts.

The Manuscript Central website support team can be contacted about any system or website issues via phone (+1888-503-1050) or email (support€ If you experience difficulties with submitting your manuscript online, please contact the Editorial Office by Opens window for sending emailE-mail or by phone at +49 711 229 87 58.

* No processing fees will be charged for manuscript submission, nor for use of the ScholarOne website.

Instructions to authors

Authors are kindly requested to carefully follow all instructions on how to prepare their paper. In cases where the instructions are not followed, the paper will be returned immediately with a request for changes, and the editorial review process will only start when the paper has been resubmitted in the correct style.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any copyrighted material and this permission should be acknowledged in the paper.

As VCOT follows a double-blind review process, the title page is to be submitted separate from the actual paper content. All identification information, such as author names or initials and institution names, should be removed from the paper upon submission.

Contributions are submitted in the English language only. Use ‘British English’ instead of ‘American English’ if possible. Use a spell checker and if necessary, consult with a native English speaker before submitting your article. Metric measurements should be used throughout the manuscript. For useful conversion tables, including a metric conversion table, please see below.

Detailed Instructions and Forms

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