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A Happy 95th Birthday to Bernard Lown!

Prof. Bernard Lown (world-renowned cardiologist and Nobel Prize laureate) turned 95 years old in July. Prof. Lown invented the heart DC defibrillator and has spoken for humanity in medicine for many years.Schattauer publishing...[more]

Prof. Dr. Bernard Lown on health care system and medical self-image

Prof. Dr. Bernard Lown (world-renowned cardiologist and nobel prize laureate) recently published the book "Heilkunst" at Schattauer publishing house. His editor Dr. Nadja Urbani visited him at his home near Boston/USA....[more]

Discover our videos - get close to the authors

We made some interesting interviews. Our authors speak about their books. Enjoy our videos (in German). To the videos ... [more]

More than 1.200 books available

Currently, about 1.200 books, ebooks and digital data are available from Schattauer (with 60 new publications approx. each year), mostly atlasses, text- and reference books for physicians and students as well as other health...[more]

8th edition: Anatomy. A Photographic Atlas

Featuring outstanding full-color photographs of actual cadaver dissections with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images, Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas depicts anatomic structures more realistically than...[more]

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