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A journey into one’s Self: The Embodied Self

“The Embodied Self” is the quintessence of many years of research by DISCOS ...

Dr. Wulf Bertram Interview with "SWR2 Zeitgenossen"

Learn more about Dr. med. Dipl-Psych. Wulf Bertram, the CEO responsible for the publishing side of business at the Schattauer Publishing House.[more]

Smart e-cards

Schattauer celebrates its 60. birthday. Post our comic e-cards!

Herholz/Johnen/Schweitzer: Funktionelle Entspannung

The practice handbook of Functional Relaxation– descriptive and comprehensiveBody awareness is an important part of self-awareness in a therapeutic context. In recent years this technique has become more common. Functional...[more]

Schrey: Notfalltherapie in der Kleintierpraxis

Available now in the 2nd edition!The correct immediate measure may be life-saving for the emergency patient. This second and revised edition offers a clearly structured guideline for the therapy of emergencies in small animals....[more]

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