Diagnostic of Paget`s disease by X-rays

Journal: Osteologie
ISSN: 1019-1291

Morbus Paget des Skeletts

Issue: Issues of 2011 (Vol. 20): Issue 2 2011 (105-192)
Pages: 128-133

Diagnostic of Paget`s disease by X-rays

M. Pfeifer (1), W. Pollähne (1)

(1) Institut für Klinische Osteologie Gustav Pommer, Bad Pyrmont


magnetic resonance tomography, x-rays, bone pain, Morbus Paget, scintigrafie of the skeleton, bone deformity


Paget`s disease of bone is a localized disorder of bone remodeling. The process is initiated by increases in osteoclast-mediated bone resorption, with subsequent compensatory increases in new bone formation resulting in a disorganized mosaic of woven and lamellar bone at effected skeletal sites. This structural change produces bone that is expanded in size, less compact, more vascular, and more susceptible to deformity than is normal bone. Clinical signs and symptoms will vary from one patient to the next depending on the number and location of effected skeletal sites as well as on the degree and the extent of the abnormal bone turnover. It is believed that most patients are asymptomatic, but a substantial minority may experience a variety of symptoms, including bone pain, secondary arthritis problems, bone deformity, excessive warmth over bone from hypervascularity, and a variety of neurologic complications caused in most instances by compression of neural tissues adjacent to pagetic bone.

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