Compliance of osteoporosis patients without additional specific osteoporosis-training course

Journal: Osteologie
ISSN: 1019-1291


Issue: Issues of 2017 (Vol. 26): Issue 2 2017 (59-130)
Pages: 100-104

Compliance of osteoporosis patients without additional specific osteoporosis-training course

T. Tuncel (1), M. Bode (1), K. M. Peters (1)

(1) Orthopädie und Osteologie, Dr. Becker Rhein-Sieg-Klinik, Nümbrecht


Osteoporosis, DXA, compliance, rehabilitation, osteoporosis training


Introduction and Objective: In the present study patients were examined after an osteoporotic fracture in order the question be answered: how many of these patients decided to continue their osteoporosis therapy after rehabilitation without osteoporosis training course. Patients, materials and methods: We contacted patients (n = 253), who had received a rehabilitation due to an osteoporotic fracture. The rehabilitation was finished at least two years ago. Patients, who signaled to take part in the study (n = 56), received a physical examination and a bone densitometry measurement by means of DXA. The remaining patients were interviewed by phone (n = 197). Results: In a total of 390 patients were only 14 % patients (n = 56) members of the study. 51 % of patients (n = 197) didn´t take part personally in the study. These patients were contacted by phone. 34.8 % of the patients did not even start their medical therapy or stopped it immediately after discharge. Only 29.6 % of all patients continued therapy during the whole study period (6 years). Conclusion: A better information of patients after osteoporotic fractures is obligate to improve the motivation and compliance of patients for their osteoporosis-therapy-loyalty. One option to achieve this is an osteoporosis specific training with individual support of patients during outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation. For this we developed the „Nuembrechter osteoporosis school“ as a standardized multimodal training program.

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