VCOT: Most Outstanding Resident Publication for 2013

As previously announced in VCOT (issue 6/2013), there will be an award given each year to the most outstanding resident publication that was published during that year. Residents make a valuable contribution to our understanding of orthopaedic and traumatic problems via the publication of their research, and we wanted to recognize this contribution with the creation of a new annual award. Only papers which were published under the category of Original Research or Clinical Communications where the senior author of the paper at the time of the original submission was enrolled in an accredited residency program are eligible for this award.

We are happy to announce that the winner of this award for resident papers published in 2013 is Dr. I. Irubetagoyena for the following paper, which was co-authored with M. Verset, S. Palierne, P. Swider and A. Autefage, and published in issue 6/2013:

“Ex Vivo cyclic mechanical behavior of 2.4 mm locking plates compared with 2.4 mm limited contact plates in a cadaveric diaphyseal gap model”

Out of the 19 papers that were eligible for this award, the winner was chosen by a panel of six who were members of the VCOT Editorial Board and the Board of Reviewers. As recipient of this award, Dr. Irubetagoyena will receive a prize of €500 and a free 1-year subscription to VCOT, including online access.

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