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Today, October 13, is WORLD THROMBOSIS DAY. Read the official paper by the ISTH Steering Committee for World Thrombosis Day “Venous thromboembolism: A Call for risk assessment in all hospitalised patients” published in TH here:...[more]

VCOT 5/2016

There are currently a number of methods which surgeons can use when performing the pre-surgical planning for correction of limb deformities. Oftentimes, correction of these deformities can be challenging as one cannot obtain...[more]

Schattauer Casuistics Award

On September 10th, Dr. Christina Dicke received the Schattauer Casuistics Award 2016 in Dresden. It includes 500 Euro prize money and is awarded annually at the Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Phlebologie (Annual...[more]

18th ESVOT Congress

Last week the Managing Editor and Advertising Manager of VCOT attended the 18th ESVOT Congress which took place direct in London and surrounded by great views of the city. In addition to taking care of the VCOT stand, it was...[more]

VCOT 4/2016

One of the major complications that surgeons often face postoperatively is that of surgical site infection, which can oftentimes be difficult or impossible to manage with routine antibiotic therapy alone if it is related to or...[more]

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