Dr. Wulf Bertram Interview with "SWR2 Zeitgenossen"

Learn more about Dr. med. Dipl-Psych. Wulf Bertram, the CEO responsible for the publishing side of business at the Schattauer Publishing House.

By: Albert

SWR2 Zeitgenossen (People of our Time) from 27.02.2010.
The interviewer was Eva Lauterbach

Wulf Bertram is a physician, publisher, and psychotherapist. As a doctor, he campaigns for an "integrated medicine" approach where one is not viewed in isolation, but is also always asked about their social network. Each organism, as goes Dr. Bertrams biological concept, needs the "right environment" in order to develop themselves. As a psychotherapist, Wulf Bertram received important stimuli from Italy of the 1980’s, when the reform psychiatrist Franco Basaglia successfully advocated against the exclusion of mentally ill patients, and for the closure and elimination of psychiatric institutions. Wulf Bertram is asked about the ‘mechanisms of action’ of psychotherapy as well as the latest findings in brain research, and he provides information on the irritatingly large range of therapeutic methods, and tells us how one is changed, when one on a daily basis looks into the souls of their clients.

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