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Prof. Johann Caspar Rüegg in "The Physiologist"

Prof. Johann Caspar Rüegg, famous physiologist and author for the publishing house Schattauer, writes in "The Physiologist" about his fascination on psychosomatic medicine. Read the paper. The...[more]

250 years veterinary medicine

2011 is the year of veterinary medicine. 250 years ago, in the year 1761, the first veterinary academy was established in Lyon/France. From this time on the awareness of a self-contained veterinary occupational image...[more]

A journey into one’s Self: The Embodied Self

“The Embodied Self” is the quintessence of many years of research by DISCOS ...

Dr. Wulf Bertram Interview with "SWR2 Zeitgenossen"

Learn more about Dr. med. Dipl-Psych. Wulf Bertram, the CEO responsible for the publishing side of business at the Schattauer Publishing House.[more]

Smart e-cards

Schattauer celebrates its 60. birthday. Post our comic e-cards!

Herholz/Johnen/Schweitzer: Funktionelle Entspannung

The practice handbook of Functional Relaxation– descriptive and comprehensiveBody awareness is an important part of self-awareness in a therapeutic context. In recent years this technique has become more common. Functional...[more]

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