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Six decades of Thrombosis and Haemostasis – journal celebrates 60-year anniversary

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, the successful journal published by Schattauer Verlag, Stuttgart.

VCOT 3/2017

On the cover of this issue, we see a re-printed model of the humerus in a dog with the respective patient-specific osteotomy and reduction guides attached with Ellis pins – the blue resin was used for the guides in order to...[more]

TH 117.5

On the cover of the May issue: Crystal structure of SERPINs around G in s5B. The side chains of amino acids (green) near G397 (orange) in β sheet B are represented as spheres. See related article by Iwaki et al.[more]

TH 117.4

On the April issue cover: Analysis of murine venous thrombus formation and resolution. See related article by Bochenek et al. [more]

TH 117.3

On the March cover: Cell type specific effects of ADAM17 on atherosclerosis development. Representative oil red O stainings of the aortic root of ApoE-/--ADAM17fl/fl and ApoE-/--BmxCre-ADAM17fl/fl mice. See related article by van...[more]

TH 117.2

The cover of the February issue is taken from the ‧article by Xiong et al. . Shown here are photomicrographs and analyses of aortic athero‧sclerotic lesions from apoE-/- mice fed a HFD and...[more]

VCOT - Best Resident Paper

As first announced in 2013, and now in its 4th year, VCOT will present an annual award to the best resident paper which was published in the Journal that year. The 2016 winner is Dr. Denty Paul Vaughn for his paper “Pullout...[more]

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