Schattauer’s History – From the beginning until today

November 24, 1949

Schattauer Publishers for Medicine and Natural Sciences in Stuttgart is founded by Friedrich Karl Schattauer – a merchant and expert in the medical advertising business. The first home for this business during this post-war period is a hotel room, and later a fan factory. In the years that follow, an extensive magazine and book program is developed that caters to (medical) students, general practicioners and specialists.


January 7, 1950

Schattauer’s first publishing work is the journal, ˝Die Medizinische Welt” (The Medical World), though originally founded in 1927, this journal is brought back to life by the publishing house after the slow years following the war. This journal is newly introduced in 1950 under the title,  “Neue Medizinische Welt” (The New Medical World), which in the following year is then published under its original title. Within a short amount of time, this journal becames a great success. It is also during this time that the market for journals grows fast. 


In 1955, Schattauer’s first book is published: “Die thromboembolischen Erkrankungen” (Thrombolic Diseases), with Naegeli, Matis, Gross, Runge and Sachs as editors.


Building of the new publishing house in Lenzhalde 3 is completed.  


The work ˝Der diagnostische Blick – Atlas zur Differentialdiagnose innerer Krankheiten˝ (Diagnosis at First Sight – Atlas for differential diagnoses of internal diseases) marks the beginning of a kind of publication that will become a defining characteristic of Schattauer: detailed and comprehensive colour atlases with high quality images. The numerous color images – being very costly and still unusual at that time – as well as the elaborate texts create international recognition. “Der diagnostische Blick” is successful even today: It has already been published in its 8th edition and translated into five languages.

April 12, 1967    

Friedrich-Karl Schattauer passes away. His wife, Mrs. Elfriede Schattauer, along with Professor Dr. med Paul Matis (shareholder) and Philipp Reeg, takes over management of the business.


Elfriede Schattauer and Philip Reeg withdraw from the business. In 1983 the publishing house is sold to the publisher Bergemann & Mayr Miesbach, with whom Schattauer already has a long-standing relationship as one of their main customers. Since then, the company is managed by Dieter Bergemann.

Following the retirement of Prof. Matis, Dr. Wulf Bertram, who is both a physician and psychotherapist, takes over the scientific leadership and develops the publication program in the area of psychosomatic medicine, psychology and psychiatry.


With the acquisition of the magazine “Tierärztliche Praxis” (Veterinary Practice), the range of journals is expanded to include veterinary medicine. Further journals within the fields of human and veterinary medicine are being founded and incorporated in the following years, including: VCOT (1988), PTT (1997), Kinder- und Jugendmedizin (Children and Youth Medicine - 2001), PDP (2002), Die Psychiatrie (Psychiatry - 2004), arthritis + rheuma (Arthritis and Rheumatism - 2004), Ärztliche Psychotherapie (Medical Psychotherapy - 2006), Adipositas (Obesity - 2007) and Osteologie (Osteology - 2008).



Schattauer can now be reached online: The first homepage is launched!
In addition to the print version, articles from the journal “Thrombosis and Haemostasis” are being provided online. By and by other journals are also available online.


SKS – SchattauerKongressService – is founded. This in-house Congress Service organizes the first "IKTTP – International Congress on theory and therapy for personality disorders". Later, the congress “Neurobiology of Psychotherapy” and trainingseminars for veterinarians are added.


With the title “Geist, Gehirn und Nervenheilkunde (Mind, Brain and Neurology)” by the Neuro-Scientist Prof. Dr. Dr. Mandred Spitzer, Schattauer launches a book series on “Living Sciences”, which is to become very successful.  


Having outgrown the old offices, Schattauer moves into a more spacious building in Central Stuttgart at Hölderlinstraße 3.  



Jan Haaf joins the company management.


Schattauer celebrates its 60th anniversary and relaunches its website.
ACI, the first electronic-only journal, is introduced. 



Schattauer holds the majority of company share of the publishing house Psychatrie Verlag, Bonn.


Jan Haaf becomes the third director of the publishing house.
The new journal Opens external link in new windowSCHLAF is launched.