From the publishing house to the readers: Marketing, Sales and Public Relations

Our Sales Department is responsible for the care, development and optimisation of our existing channels of distribution as well as the attainment of new distribution channels for all print and digital products. Prior to the publication of the actual journals or books, they are involved in the program planning and market assessment. One way in which they keep the market informed (current and upcoming) via professional conferences and events such as book fairs where we can present our current and upcoming products to our target group in person.

The Marketing Department is responsible for developing campaigns and advertising material, which are based upon the ideas for new products as well as the finished products. The organisation for continuing Professional Development events, such as for book sellers, is also managed by this department. Within all activities, there is a strong focus on customer orientation.

The Press and Public Relations department is responsible for the presentation of the firm to all external parties. This department remains in close contact with the Press, and is responsible for developing the Public Relations plan for the publishing house and its products as well as for planned events and congresses. The care of book and journal reviews, as well as maintenance of the website contents also falls within this department.