Silver Jubilee of VCOT

By: Albert

In 2013 the journal for veterinary medicine Opens external link in new window“VCOT” celebrates its silver jubilee. The first issue was published in 1988. However the idea to make an international scientific journal dedicated to veterinary and comparative orthopedics and traumatology first came up in 1986.

For more information on the jubilee, please see the Opens external link in new windoweditorial written by the Editor-in-Chief Kenneth A. Johnson.The Founding Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Geoff Sumner-Smith, has also written an Opens external link in new windoweditorial which takes you back to the early days of VCOT.

The success of VCOT has been built in large part on the voluntary contributions of many people. We are grateful for the help received from all of our contributing authors as well as the reviewers who spend many hours evaluating the submitted manuscripts.