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VCOT 1/2016

One of the most common orthopaedic diseases affecting the hindlimbs in dogs is medial patellar luxation, and most cases of MPL are regarded as being congenital or developmental in origin, with small breeds being reported as having a predisposition for this disease. Depending on the severity of MPL,  varying degrees of bone deformity in the femur and tibia may result and traditionally these deformities have been evaluated with radiography. Radiographs however are 2D images of 3D structures, and thus any measurements made from these images are affected by positioning. If the deformity is severe enough, obtaining some measurements due to radiographic position may not be possible.   In this issue of VCOT, S. Zasukawa et al. present the results from their study in which they evaluated the morphological parameters of the femur, tibia and patella in Toy Poodles with MPL using 3D CT  and they compared these to the parameters obtained with radiography. For more informationOpens external link in new window click here.