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Eurothrombosis Summit 2015

Last week T&H Managing Editor Elinor Switzer attended the Eurothrombosis Summit 2015 of the ESC Working Group Thrombosis in Como, Italy. Meeting up with authors, readers and Section Editors of T&H is always a great...[more]

How to identifying patients who are going to do well on Vitamin K Antagonists: Guesswork or use the SAMe-TT2R2 score?

When using the Vitamin K Antagonists (VKAs) it’s not simply writing a prescription and forgetting about it. Attention is needed to the quality of anticoagulation control, as reflected by time in therapeutic range (TTR). [more]

VCOT 5/2015

Over the last several years, bridging plate osteosynthesis has gained in popularity and is now a well-accepted technique for comminuted shaft fractures in small animals. Locking plates in particular are well-suited for...[more]

AMIA and Schattauer Publishers Announce New Collaboration

The Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI) Journal is now an official journal of AMIA, the American Medical Informatics Association. [more]

TH 114.2

In the August 2015 issue the review by Natorska et al. summarises the available data on blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in aortic valve stenosis with the emphasis on their interactions with inflammation and calcification. Read...[more]

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